Singapore: February 2016


Part 2 out of 3 of my Singapore: February 2016 post! (Sorry if it’s taking me forever to write everything!) Day 2 — CHINESE NEW YEAR is out UNIVERSAL STUDIOS DAY! Aaaaaaaah, I’m finally going to Universal Studios Singapore!!! This is my third time in SG but this is also the first time I’m entering Universal Studios. I know, it’s kinda weird because that’s the #1 place to visit on my list ever since and failed to visit it for my first 2 SG trip. I sort of had mixed-emotions going there on a holiday....

It’s a start of something new


And I am finally BACK!!! If you’re Β readingΒ this blog post then it means that I was able to pull my shit together and finally re-opened my blog! Yes, it literally took me some time to get my blog up and finally use the space I sort of neglected for the past months....