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Singapore: February 2016

I finally had the chance to travel again after 2 years. The last place I was able to visit before I found out I was pregnant was Singapore and it’s amusing that it’s also the first country I visited after I gave birth. We originally wanted to go there to visit my brother last Christmas season but tickets were too expensive so we just decided to postpone it until we find a seat sale promo. Luckily, Cebu Pacific had one early January soΒ we impulsively bought tickets and in a  ...

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Goals + Things

Plans + Goals for 2016

Happy New Year everyone! How was your holidays? Mine was obviously so busy I wasn’t able to blog about it, but hopefully this year, I’d be more active in writing and updating this blog. I don’t really keep New Year’s resolutions, I find it soΒ unrealistic. However, I do keep plans and goals for the year like my weight goals, bag target, etc. I don’t normally write about them on my previous blogs but this time, I want to write here to always remind me to: 1)  ...

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