10003539_10152294859306675_411908949_nHi, I’m Pam! Sorry about the selfie, that’s the most decent-looking photo of myself lately. I’m a newbie mom from Manila, Philippines. I design commercial art for a living, working mostly for events and other BTL things, but I write on this blog on the side.

I’m a Potterhead, a dog-lover, a breastfeeding mom & supporter, and a trying crafter. I enjoy being a mom to my bb girl, Skye and to my bb dog, Stephie. Like most people, I love to eat good food, read nice books, watch series, shop (a lot if only I have the money), and lurk online. I also have thing weird thing for notebooks and pens, like I like to smell new books and notebooks kind of weird.

I started writing blogs when I was still in highschool — like around 2001 or something. I’ve also blog-hopped from Upsaid to Pitas to Tabulas to Blogspot to WordPress and being hosted by my kind ex-hosts. When my last ex-host’s domain expired, I went back to Blogspot and decided it’s time for me to have my own space. I bought my first domain (amethyst-rain.org) when I was a college freshman — it was around mid 2003 and stayed  self-hosted since then. My current domain & blog, Toffeenut.org is my 3rd domain. I bought it because I couldn’t renew my previous domain name anymore (panalangin.net). I mean, I can still renew it but I have to pay like 5K+ PHP just to renew it and I’m not willing to spend 5K PHP on it so I just gave it up and replaced it with Toffeenut.org instead. And so Toffeenut.org was born and running since March 2009.

Just in case you’re wondering, I got Toffeenut from my favorite Starbucks drink Toffee Nut Latte from their red cups selection aka Christmas sticker drinks (surprise, surprise!). It’s my favorite Starbucks drink ever and I also find the name cute — cute enough to be my domain and blog name! And yes, I’m one of those weirdos who blindly collect Starbucks stickers every Christmas season despite the ridiculous price increase and amount of CALORIES.

I’m not really a writer but I swear I’d write a better about me page in the future with a better photo too but this will do for now. 🙂

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