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Life Lately

Life lately is on the busy side — not exactly work related kind of busyness but September was still pretty balance.

I started doing some pointed pen calligraphy practice again!! I practice at night when Skye’s sleeping already because I can’t practice whenever she’s awake. She’s currently in  that phase when she knows I’m doing something else and that my attention is divided.

Also, get the chance to go to UP Town Center and tried Backyard Kitchen + Brews. I love the homey rustic feel of the whole place. I love the overall wooden look and the food! I love their Waffle-breaded Fried Chicken and their flavored beers! I’d recommend their Butterbeer and Salted Caramel flavored beers if ever you’re interested to try!

ActivAsia Inc., the company where I curerntly work is celebrating its 10th year anniversary. Last September 1st was the kick-off party was a typical company party — it starts with a mass and ends with a lot of booze and wonderful announcements (bonus? hehehe). Since this year is the 10th anniversary, they announced that we’ll be having a ball too. Everyone was so happy, I guess everyone got excited to wear a gown. Hahaha! We had our ball last September 19th at the Acacia Estate, Taguig. The main event of our ball was having Parokya ni Edgar gracing the finale. I’m such a fan!!!!

Also, my brother got married last September too. It was just a civil wedding and it was really rushed because he’ll leave for Singapore. He got married  last September 2 and left for Singapore on the 7th. We threw him a nice send-off dinner and now, we have plans of visiting him for Christmas.

Also, I finally got my first set of Disney Tsum Tsums!!!! I got Donald Duck, Tigger (from Winnie the Pooh), and Queen Elsa (from Frozen). I love them!!!! I plan on hoarding some more when I visit Disneyland however I wasn’t able to join our department trip to Hongkong this year because I wasn’t able to get Skye’s passport. It was kind of too late when I found out that we don’t need to set her an appointment and the earliest date we can get her passport was a day before the team will return to Manila. How sad. I just asked them to buy me pasalubongs (souvenirs).

And that’s pretty much it and work… well I was working at home for the longest time but I now, I’m asked to report to the office like a regular employee. Huhu… it’s ok for me because I love my work but I’m having separation anxiety with Skye. I never really thought I’d be so attached like super super attached to her. I think most parents are super super attached to their children anyway it’s just that they really have to work!!!  It’s so hard… if only I can just stay home and watch her grow… but I also need to pay the bills. It’s so sad.

How about you guys? Would you stop working and watch your baby grow or choose to pay the bills or BOTH? Also, how are you all doing lately?


  1. Mija

    October 18, 2015 at 4:24 pm

    Disney anything is awesome!!! We are about to go to Disneyland and I am worried that I want to buy some Tsum Tsums!!! I see them everywhere at the mall and I’ve resisted so far…..but they are sooooo cute!!!!

    1. Pam Salvador

      October 20, 2015 at 8:54 am

      YESSSSS!!!! Disney is awesssooommee!! You should!! They’re so cute and addicting to collect — like Pokemons!! I have 3 more Tsum Tsums but the new ones are not stuffed because they were used as pudding packaging. I just removed the pudding container inside and washed them and they’re the perfect desk companions. They now have my washi tapes, pins, and other small desk objects.

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