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And I am finally BACK!!!

If you’re  reading this blog post then it means that I was able to pull my shit together and finally re-opened my blog! Yes, it literally took me some time to get my blog up and finally use the space I sort of neglected for the past months.

Why delete all my previous posts?

I didn’t actually deleted them, I still have the database of all my old blogs including the super old ones like, circa 2003 database, I just used a new one because I find my old posts outdated. I blog as if I was still in high school and college and I think, the way I write blog posts should grow and mature with me. I’m not saying writing about really personal stuff is bad but, times have changed and even artistas don’t stay pa-tweetums forever — you get what I mean? I still want to write personal blog posts but this time around, with maturity and sense. And maybe write contents where I’d be able to share something to my readers not just what happened to my day or my week, etc. I just hope I can maintain this kind of hmm, perspective (?) or momentum (?) in blogging.

What took me so long?

Aside from the fact that I’m so busy (I’m trying to juggle being work, being a mom, being a supportive part of our family, and a party planner all at the same time), the main reason would probably mismanaged time. I’m a procrastinator and crammer by heart and like most people, I tend to wander around the net before I actually do some work and by the time I get my in-the-zone moment to write, I either have to finish my work (work) or tend to my baby.

Another main reason would have to be the new THEME! Yes, the theme. I really want to code but my coding skillz are really really rusty. I want to have a nice and clean theme for this blog and whenever I search for WordPress themes the results are either usually not my type or super pretty paid themes. Good thing I came across Helga’s 13 Pretty WordPress Themes post and saw a couple of pretty WordPress themes that are actually free. I got this current theme I’m using right now called Sela from there. (thank you, Helga!). I’m still in the process of tinkering it to my liking but this one is pretty decent, yes?

So, what do you guys think?  Also, do you guys have any blog ideas / topics to suggest to me for better blogging?

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    That is also the reason I kinda stopped blogging. I still write like it’s 2004. Hahaha.

    Although I can’t say that I have matured already, I don’t want my immaturity to show in my blog.

    I might return someday tho.

    Welcome back to blogging!

    As for blog topics, maybe product reviews (with pretty pics) ? if that’s your interest?

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      ROZEH!!!!! Please blog again too!!! That’s one of my problems too, I can’t really say I have matured already. I may have grew older but some times I’m still really childish. 🙁

      Yes, thanks for suggesting! I’m actually considering writing product reviews and also some photoshop and illustrator tutorials since my line of work is design.

      Thank you for your warm welcome! I’m looking forward to your blogging comeback!! 😀

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    I couldn’t agree more. Your writing should mature the same way you have, that’s why I had to hide some olden posts in my blog, too. But they’re all still there, just in case I need to blast something from the past. It’s always nice to see how your writing have changed through the years.

    Yet again, I will have to agree that I’m exactly the same type of person who wanders a lot online that by the time I decide to finish something (especially writing a blog post), it’s already too late for it. Seriously, we should ditch this deed.

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      Yeah, but with my previous blog posts (the ones I recently hid) I felt that my writing hasn’t matured at all so I’m kind of challenging myself to write better blogs this time. Haha, yes, I have to agree that I don’t delete them just in case I want to re-read them in the future and maybe laugh at myself too. For some reason, it’s also fun to read old blog posts, right?

      Yes, I have to agreee about ditching procrastination! but as the saying goees — old habits die hard. 🙁 BTW, thank you for the visit! 🙂

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