Singapore: February 2016

Part 2 out of 3 of my Singapore: February 2016 post! (Sorry if it’s taking me forever to write everything!)


Aaaaaaaah, I’m finally going to Universal Studios Singapore!!! This is my third time in SG but this is also the first time I’m entering Universal Studios. I know, it’s kinda weird because that’s the #1 place to visit on my list ever since and failed to visit it for my first 2 SG trip.

I sort of had mixed-emotions going there on a holiday.

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Singapore: February 2016


I finally had the chance to travel again after 2 years. The last place I was able to visit before I found out I was pregnant was Singapore and it’s amusing that it’s also the first country I visited after I gave birth.

We originally wanted to go there to visit my brother last Christmas season but tickets were too expensive so we just decided to postpone it until we find a seat sale promo. Luckily, Cebu Pacific had one early January so we impulsively bought tickets and in a few weeks time, we found ourselves bound for Singapore just in time for Chinese New Year!

(warning: photodump post ahead)

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Plans + Goals for 2016


Happy New Year everyone!

How was your holidays? Mine was obviously so busy I wasn’t able to blog about it, but hopefully this year, I’d be more active in writing and updating this blog.

I don’t really keep New Year’s resolutions, I find it so unrealistic. However, I do keep plans and goals for the year like my weight goals, bag target, etc. I don’t normally write about them on my previous blogs but this time, I want to write here to always remind me to: 1) write  regularly. 2) keep track whether I have accomplished that plan and/or goal.

So here are my goals for this year:

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Goals for September



I was swamped with work during the 3rd and 4th weeks of August that I’m in ~*sort of*~ in a state of panic right now that it’s September already. September means I only have 2 months to go before Skye’s first birthday and 1 month to go before our company department’s trip to Hong Kong and only a couple of weeks to work on & finish a new internal project and to process Skye’s travel documents etc…

I’ll write down my goals for this month because I bet this will be a super busy month for me.

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